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Originally Posted by BrainSmashR
EVERYONE qualifies for student loans...

Or god forbid, excel in High School and earn a scholarship.
Passing in high school is not that simple of a task.

Personally, from experience, I've seen that making a minor error in the FIFTH grade can cost you an entire year or two of math or even science to make you behind/ahead of the rest of the class. I had a few key absences in school in fifth grade, and this lead to me missing a vital test that eventually lowered my grade to a C (it was, I believe, very border-line close to a B) and that kept me from eventually being in Calculus this year, I'm in Pre-calc, but if that certain small event that I actually didn't have a choice in the matter, it actually entirely changed my classes, schedules, friends and teachers, etc.

The school system is in a MAJOR need of reform. I believe the school system needs to be privatized to promote school teachers to work harder to earn better pay for their contributions. More awards need to be given and less selective cliques should be acknowledged, at this point, there are various small groups that will attend EVERY scholastic opportunity extra-curricularly, but others will not be informed of any way to get to those events in order to achieve.

If you want to argue the school system with me, someone who is still currently in it, at one of the best schools around, and has all of the advantages of seeing the peak of ability and the others who are drastically behind in education, I should be able to easily give a better judgment on the way the process is being run and handled in its current state, at least locally.
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