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Originally Posted by purpahurl
That's an interesting question. Ronald Reagan had the gift of being a great communicator. When the Democrat controlled congress wouldn't go his way heis up would get in front of the camera and tell the people what he wanted to do and why. Unfortunatly Bush does not have that skill. i dont know if there is a star out there now that is up to the task.
Actually, as governor, he was an excellent debater and had amazing abilities as a public speaker. As for his content: that's debatable in itself.

There's no doubt he's aged since then, and maybe his extreme drug record in his past has caught up with him (I don't do coke, don't ask me for that info) and he's also becoming less able to say what he wants (not that I think he has much to say or an opinion for himself anymore) without being dogged by press and citizens.
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