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Originally Posted by purpahurl
In just over 200 years we have accomplished more than any nation in history. We feed the world, we protect any country that needs it, we are the first to give in a time of crisis, and what do we ask for in return? Nothing. Our men and women in the service do this voluntarily, hence no draft anymore. We are able to do this because we are free and we are nation founded UNDER GOD. Our forefathers sacrificed more than we will ever know to start this nation on a path of freedom and prosperity. Most of them were wealthy, yet they gambled everything they had for the cause. Why now do our current leaders, and I say that loosely, deem it necessary to apologize for everything we have done? We are the only country people are willing to risk their life to get into to better themselves, and yet we are what is wrong with the world according to some folks. England and Isreal and to some extent Austrailia are our only allies, but we are basically on our own. That's as it should be. In sports when your number 1 for awhile everyone wants to knock you off. Our leaders should not appologize for anything we do, but we should make them apologize for what they are doing.
Ah, let me start loosely by saying that I'm not an expert and won't go along citing every source of evidence for this, but I believe I can reason out against the majority of this post.

First off, doing everything for the world, and asking nothing in return. That is a laughable statement. There is no way you could ever remotely state with faith in your own words that there are no business or political motivations and exchanges in order to give assistance to other countries, all the while being extremely selective in who we give help to, much less the fact that it's not always ample service to those who need it.

Second, "we do not draft anymore because everybody volunteers", this is not always the case, there are numerous monetary and personal incentives that cause people to join the military, and many are persuaded into doing so because of their family history or time spent in military prep, not everybody signs up to serve for combat duty, and many are coerced into that area.

Third, "a nation founded UNDER GOD". This is entirely false. The founding fathers were unanimously atheistic in their personal and political matters, in constant reminder to the people and the politicians that there should and will be a wall to separate church and state. The national anthem, honoring God, was not written at the time of the foundation of the country, as one thing. The "One Nation Under God" / "In God We Trust" was not printed on money until the mid-20th century, by no means at the establishment of the country. It actually was originally "In Gold We Trust" but was edited by religious conservatives like the ones who dominate the political scene in America.

Also, the founding fathers almost all had slave-operated plantations, grew and smoked marijuana, using the hemp (required by law to be grown) for industrial purposes, didn't bathe, and wore funny wigs, none of which would be considered reasonable in today's time, but stating their percentage or a certain level of giving up their interests for the country are debatable, as many had long careers before and after politics.

"Why now do our current leaders, and I say that loosely, deem it necessary to apologize for everything we have done?" Main reason: political correctness, and protection from special interest groups. America has an issue, an issue with the ability to sue people, and almost anyone will do it nowadays to get "free money" pretty much where applicable. This is almost the entire reasoning behind this apologetic attitude our leaders take today, to try and uphold and not deny their statements, but apologize for their offensive nature; you can't be on both sides, but for some reason, people are satisfied with this two-faced dishonest action, and I agree: why do they do it, honestly?

England wasn't always are ally, remember that, nobody has, we've been too dynamic under different leadership over history to say that we're a necessarily positive or negatively viewed country overall.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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