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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon
Just what is real ? What your mind tells you is real ? Christians choose to believe the Bible and no one can be perfect but to try to do what is right is to try to better ones self. Christianity is not a religion but a reality for most of America and that is freedom of choice. Funny how the nonbelievers can not let Christians be free to believe what they want. You are free to believe what it is you would like to believe and that is OK. The communistic atheistic
agenda is to hate Christians with out saying what it is they believe in. This is your choice and right to do.
Dude, nobody has bashed Christianity here, just Christians. Christians are not perfect, and most of them don't even abide by half of the laws.. why even try to be one if you can't even be consciously aware of your actions and make a difference? Christians take up 85% of America, they have the majority rule to believe whatever they want whether others want them to or not, it's in the constitution, but that also protects others, who make up their own beliefs (which is my point.. where do you start? there was a time before the bible and even written language.. people still had to form opinions and justify certain things with facts).
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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