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Originally Posted by Pocahontas
Santa, I don't know if you plan to have children in the future, but your entire outlook on life changes when you do and I believe for the better. Life becomes more meaningful and then all new worries begin. How do I shape this innocent creature into a productive, successful human being, what can I do/sacrifice to help them become just happy in life? You may think this doesn't sound like much fun. I can tell you children are the best things for helping you to see and understand the world in a whole new light and in the process you become a more caring and evolved person.A good thought to remember when you are "hating" on your parents and think they are "hating" on you...most likely not the case!
I know, we were all children at one point, which is why I don't respect adults before they deserve it because.. adults are just kids that have been around longer. Age means nothing but either repetition of ignorant acts or the path of success through downfall has gone forward. Lots of kids didn't even make it to adulthood, and those who have gone past adulthood are elderly or dead, but they still were kids and while they were kids their opinion was no less meaningful than afterwards.

I did plan on having kids, either one or two, but I'm seriously reconsidering that, it's been something I've thought about for the past few weeks actually. I don't really think it's a necessity for me to worry myself with all of that. I don't like restricting human beings, and bringing another into this world is something that would certainly restrict their ability to do so. I would like to think that (maybe Christians can make a different sense of it) there is an oversoul, and even if you choose not to have that child, either someone else will or their soul will be there anyway. I would rather them be free without this world. "Existence is suffering". Transcendental beliefs raise up the younglings of society because they are closer to the innocent and untouched oversoul.

I don't hate my parents or believe they hate me.. in fact.. you really can't even know somebody.. the case is same with everyone, I bet you don't say .001% of the things you ever think of in your life, but the few things you do, we associate with that person's physical body. I don't believe this is a just way to handle generalizing a person's character by doing so, I don't really even know anybody really, and I don't think anybody else knows me. I would rather indulge in that privacy, something that America has slowly taken away; lack of privacy for increased security. I would rather be privately living for 20 years than "securely" maintained for hundreds.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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