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Originally Posted by BrainSmashR
China in 2006 stood as the second-largest economy in the world after the US, although in per capita terms the country is still lower middle-income and 130 million Chinese fall below international poverty lines.

Can you even imagine what the international poverty line is compared to what we in America consider poverty to be??

That's PROOF, along with the collapse of every other major communist country/government, that communism as a means of government for large societies is a near total failure.
There have been communist-based utopian societies built in the United States, as well, they've all failed due to human error. Communism works on paper. Capitalism works on paper. Neither work 100% either way, and nobody here said one is greater than the other. Any "communist" attempt in history has been led by fascist regimes, they're not true communistic societies that operate on more than the same thing as a republic. They take over in "your name" and make decisions "on your behalf" and rule the country, it's the same government bull****, it's how it works.

There have been no pure communist or capitalist societies that work.. they just can't.. corruption is a human trait.

EDIT: you may also be forgetting that China is the most populous country in the world, not that I think you did, but in a system that is led by totalitarianism, not everybody gets satisfied. It's kind of hard to cram billions of people in a small area (the majority of China is mountainous, inhabitable) and make everybody rich and happy. The US is like.. what.. 1% urbanized? There's not even enough people in the entire country to fill one major Chinese city.
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