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Originally Posted by LateNight
<Sarcasm>All good questions for any dope taking teen to ask. </Sarcasm>

Bottom line, in the grand scheme of things, it's all meaningless.
Especially for those without any religious beliefs. You are to return to the ground, dust to dust and all that. And depending on what you have done with your life, you will be forgotten shortly after you die, and if you're lucky, maybe it will take a little longer to forget you.
I don't agree. Those with religious beliefs don't appreciate their lives as much as those who recognize their mortality. Religion only restricts where creativity could reign. I think the best decision of my life so far (belief-wise) was becoming and Atheist and open about it, I had been questioning my faith a while before.. but testing for a couple days/weeks without thinking about religion relieved me of so much of a burden, allowed me to not feel guilty about seeking truths my religion would not like me to find. I'm not saying religion isn't a good thing, it can be very beneficial for specific reasons, but to state fact is, I think, delusional. As I said, there really is no ultimate truth, because if it were, we'd have no more questions to ask.

I'm a lot less militant than some about combating religion, I don't do that. I just support finding yourself in your own beliefs and exploring where others would not have you go. The only way to know is to look, nobody's going to bring you answers, and if they do, they shouldn't be trusted.

This is just a "thinking out loud" post open for comments, I'm not saying anything against anybody or their religion. I'd rather that right/wrong debate crap not be here, but it really is for some of us who have to have facts to support what we claim, whereas some religious-types can simply say they're a Christian or other belief and everybody knows their ruleset.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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