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Originally Posted by rhertz
What does it all mean? Do you believe in eternal life after death? If you do, then those people you help will remember it forever, right? The same goes for those you screw over. They will remember you forever too. That is the meaning of it all - helping, loving, and sharing with one another... (or not)

Now true, if there is no life after death, then maybe there wouldn't be as much meaning to living flesh. If that is what you believe, then why wake up in the morning? Why study to become a doctor, because 100% of your patients are going to die someday anyway. Why not just shoot yourself and get it over with quick rather than work hard and struggle in life? Because life is precious and it does have meaning.

Perhaps this is another way to put it. In my daily life if I have the chance, I hold the door open for someone entering right after me. Why? Because it feels good to do something nice for somebody, even if it is just a very small jesture. Now imagine the feeling of doing something big like actually saving a life. If you can't, then it is time to start holding the door open for others.
I do do that, I am kind and helpful to people because it is immediately gratifying to receive help, just like when you like to be treated by things. I'm a bit of a hedonist, but I have to let go more of my moral and social obligations and expectations from other people. It's getting close to the time where I get to make all of the decisions I want, and I'm ahead of a lot by pondering all of the choices and their possible outcomes. It's all a worry though, I really need to reread The Power of Now, it puts you into a great place mentally, it's like the morning after you wake up from rolling X, I like it.

EDIT: also, believing in an afterlife is not the same as a reality that it exists. That's about as ignorant a comparison as saying "If I don't believe in germs, but if lick the bottom of this scummy toilet seat, nothing will happen to me". The result? Well.. you'll probably get sick, either immediately or eventually.

I don't think there's a single person that can tell anyone else how death is, because.. they're dead. And if they've come back to life by some strange medical means, they're still not dead, because if they had a memory of the events taking place, they weren't brain dead, or they're bull****ting it.

Jesus is not an accurate historical figure for current use, either, it's about the same as saying Gilgamesh speaks all truths and anything he said will happen, or Mohammad or Buddha, etc.
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