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guns/freedom of speech/ privacy

I'm no pro on all the laws etc. I just read through the judge thread about the 10 commandments and I was wondering.......
Just what does it take to make a citizen of the US realize their rights are being infringed upon, and how far would you go to prove this point to Americans around you. Sometimes you have to "buck" the system.
Let's say the laws change and congress passes a law that we all have to turn in our weapons, allow gov. to search our premises as they see necessary,(maybe to stop terrorism) ,tell us that we may only voice our religious beliefs in "proper" places.
Well, according to BSr if the law changes he would be a law abiding citizen and do what was asked.
We know Al would shoot 'em all down
Seriously, if congress passes a gun ban ( which could happen one day) saying it was for our safety, would you give in? Or like this judge stand up for your beliefs and be stripped of your dignity and possibly be thrown into prison? Just thought I'd ask
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