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Originally Posted by Santabot
How does everybody form an opinion? Certainly nobody would argue about something they have no idea, but perhaps they're not reading the same "facts" as you. Your entire mentality is all formed around what you're exposed to, seen in those who live in 3rd world countries don't worry about the same material objects we do and still live. It's the fact that America gives everybody this licensed persona that "You" exist and there is a real way to be unique and different. I believe, and I've read in many places on studies of the human consciousness, that most of these "thoughts" and your "life" is all there because humans can manipulate their brains to see future events and understand concepts. Even other animals can do some of these, to a limited extent.

Different people will of course be made of different sources, but just who is the ultimate source? Throw in your witty comment that it's The Bible or God and become a hypocrite all you'd like, there's no way you can lie to say that all of you, if any, follow all of the Bible's regulations every part of the day, not even on this board. But in all honesty, who would be the main source of "factual information" that we all argue about in today's society? Everybody has to have a viewpoint in order to debate these things, but what are they? Conceptual ideas that we've "learned" so that we can manipulate their meanings in our heads to construe new ideas about them.. not really based on other people's ideas or "facts" but what we need to "survive". Since the rate of mortality has gotten so low in America, all we can do is focus our survivalist instincts into society and culture, because there is no real use for the kind of thing that goes on in a 3rd world country or an undeveloped nation entirely.

If you'd like to check out more, read The Making Of A Counter Culture to learn a bit more about the technocracy and who controls our "truths" of life, they're all involved in the government because anybody knows that just like Christianity, the way to join the social club is to get in and spread the group's propaganda, and maybe your worthless life will someday have a meaning and you'll be on top.. but most likely after you are or are near death, sorry.

I was looking at some pictures of large crowds in China and realizing how worthless we really are, no matter what you want to think, of course, you are ****ing "you" and you'll never be able to forfeit that concept until you're dead and gone. As long as you're not at the top of American government or in an underground society, you don't even make a difference to many people as a whole, much less to humanity itself or in the whole scheme of things.

I don't know what to believe anymore. If we always hope to find out more information and more "facts" and hope that our older "facts" become outdated to support new ones.. where does that end? Why do we even bother continually learning if we already know that the whole process will repeat itself and we'll have to learn entirely new concepts because our old ones are destroyed. The best news stories are the ones that completely screw your head, the ones that disprove a "fact" that's been around a long time, and you have to readjust your mind to display a new fact instead of the old. I don't know.. I just had to ramble this morning... post what you want, I'll continue it later.
Just what is real ? What your mind tells you is real ? Christians choose to believe the Bible and no one can be perfect but to try to do what is right is to try to better ones self. Christianity is not a religion but a reality for most of America and that is freedom of choice. Funny how the nonbelievers can not let Christians be free to believe what they want. You are free to believe what it is you would like to believe and that is OK. The communistic atheistic
agenda is to hate Christians with out saying what it is they believe in. This is your choice and right to do.
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