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In '87 a friend of mine knew a guy in Toledo who was "on the bus", so we caught the Amtrack, and headed north. We had rather insignificant funds so we buried a buck in one of those Grolsch beer bottles with the cork in the yard of the Marshall depot. Met up with him and drove to Detroit for a show at Joe Lewis. We decided to pool our cash and make shirts to sell on the lot because he knew a guy at a silk screen shop who would let us use his facility. After buying the tees and ink we had, to the penny, enough money for gas to Chicago, the ten dollar camping fee on the Horizon's parking lot, and one 12pk of Busch beer. We took the shirts, which were a tie-dye stealie on the front and the definition of GD lifted from the book Playin In The Band on the back and fanned out. We sold them for ten and made quite a bit. Mostly though we could now purchase something to eat as we hadn't eaten in a while. A bagel with cream cheese a cucumber slice and beansprouts. Ummm. Have not had one since but at the time it was the best thing on the planet. Anyway, we were able to get tickets and pay camp fees for all three nights in Chicago '87. We bought two hard rolls and four slices of salami for the train ride back with the rest of our change, and when we got back to Marshall we went looking for that buried buck. I'm glad I'm among friends here. Thanks
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