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Originally Posted by AnimeSpirit
I'm not suprised. There may be some ISPs that offer private IP addresses, but most people like us will use the local services that offer the brand of Internet service most ordinary users need. Most people who are not seasoned on the Internet are too unaware of the functions of IP addresses to seek out a service like the one you have mentioned.

I've got Bellsouth DSL at home and have had it for years. My IP changes every night at midnight. I have watched it happen numerous times. I can't speak for cable modems though because I've never had one, but I believe they remain the same unless they drop the connection for whatever reason. Aside from that, they are considered dynamic. However, I do know that ISPs have become infamous for selling static IPs as an additional service for people who run servers of some kind. A static IP address from Bellsouth is $14.95 per month in addition to your DSL service bill, unless you have their DSL Xtreme service that comes with a static IP for free.
I also use the Bellsouth DSL service, but I have their highest package, and I maintain my anonymity where available because, simply, I believe strongly in the Net Neutrality issue. There needs to be a common grounds to where people can say what they wish without being specifically held accountable; when those actions are taken to extreme circumstances, however, there are various ways to detect that person's location or even statistics about them, but as far as internet crimes go, I don't believe most of them should be. It's up to the users to be responsible about how they use the internet, and if they end up getting defrauded, it's their lack of intelligence about the situation that is their fault for having been in the circumstance. I do not sympathize with crooks, if you would call them that, but it's no different than what corporate money-hungry whores do every day to you when (on average) you see 50+ advertisements, etc.
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