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Originally Posted by Isaac-Saxxon
Hey Buddy ! You see the marine will do what is the right thing and lay the teacher out no matter what your ACLU thinks.
Try first amendment, stupid.
He would be charged with a simple assault misdemeanor, there will be a fine and well worth paying to not let that slack jawed liberal get away with with his insults like you make to Christians.
First of all, he didn't insult any christian. YOU and the Marine took insult at the expression of his beliefs.

In the second place, crimes in school zones carry heavier penalties. This isn't the same as two guys dukeing it out at the bar on friday night.

and last but certainly not least, his college career at that institution is over and I'd be interested to hear what the military would do to someone expelled from school and charge with assault for striking a teacher in the classroom.
I would never go to your home and bring up things I know you do not agree on but if you walked in my home and pop off about Christianity or mock God this "old man" would bust your ass right out the door. My domain.
You mean like the teacher did in his own classroom, his domain. damn you're stupid.
So as the teacher addressed the class you address this forum with condesending attacks to get people to reply to you so you can do more of your demonic attacks. Were your parents anything like Alec Baldwin and Kim Baysinger ?
I Dad wasted his time with a belt.
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