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Originally Posted by rhertz
Assuming that is indeed a question, the answer is none, and I never implied otherwise. Some people who are inspired by God end up in jail for their belief. Nobody ever said life was fair, not even God almighty.
So if some people who are divinely inspired end up in jail, and you openly approve of the illegal activity that landed them in prison in the first place, then why shouldn't I consider you untrustworthy as well and more likely than the average person to commit a crime of your own?

Who said punching an athiest or anyone for that matter is OK? Not me. Assault and battery is a serious crime.
Everyone that approved of the actions of the marine portrayed in the story.
Punching anyone is not OK by legal standards in which I agree with. But if God told me to punch you out, and I did it, that would be OK in the sense that I would be sued by you and go to jail, etc. Maybe it would be "worth" it and maybe it wouldn't.
Well, I promise you only one of us is anxiously waiting to die.

I see your point, and I agree with it. lets say that God told me to do something that is illegal and I choose to do it on purpose knowing full well that there are legal consequences, then that is my sole business or "karma" if I may be so bold. Many have suffered personally and even gone to jail to bring the bible to you and me. I consider it a gift. A very dear gift paid for with solid "currency".
The teacher was in no way, shape, or form impeding on the right of anyone in that class to worship as they see fit.
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