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Starbucks going up a nickle on their prices

This "press release" did not bother me until they made a statement as to the reason for going up - "high energy prices". Lets face it, it takes a lot of energy to brew a cup of coffee! (NOT) Plus energy prices are coming down here recently. Starbucks is like Levi's and other companies who feel compelled to make political statements as part of their marketing machine. Even if I liked *$, (and I don't) I would not buy their coffee. How about send some coffee to the service people overseas! Then I might buy their coffee.

The bottom line is that most, if not all coffee companies take advantage of improverished nations who grow coffee, most of which lie in tropical regions. There are some "fair trade" initiatives that some companies and nations participate in, but not all. Picking coffee is probably not unlike any other "sweat shop" job in many places, but I'm no expert here in politics or international trade. However I bet the cost of coffee plays a much greater role in Starbucks business model, and the price is probably on the low side and needs to go up if coffee growers are ever going to get a fair shake. Keep in mind that coffee is the worlds second largest traded commodity behind oil.
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