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Originally Posted by BrainSmashR
It should be enough for you to know that in 1988 at age 17 I was arrested for simple burglary and have that permanent record I'm warning YOU about, by age 36 I've buried a total of 6 friends/family members resulting directly from their drug use. We're talking AIDS, suicide, overdoses, and murder. I've had two girlfriends murdered one of which is not included in the above number, Kelly's body hasn't been recovered after 16 years and I was the prime suspect for 7 months until the murderer confessed to killing Wendi. I even have 1 friend serving 2 consecutive 55 year sentences for 2 counts of Attempted Capital Murder in Dallas. He'll be eligable for parole when we're 82.....needless to say, Dave may as well be dead too. Sound like the kind of life you want to lead Mr. It'll never happen to me?

If you "knew" any of those people then I'd be more inclined to share their stories with you, but you don't so you can either learn from their mistakes and the mistakes your own friends will make, or you can wait until you're sitting in jail or laying in a coffin before you get it.

The choice is yours and yours alone....
And I don't doubt your story at all, but I believe you think I'm involved in some things I'm very much not a part of. I am very humanistic, and could not even imagine committing a brutal crime or murder, there's just no way, and no need for me to do so. I'm not involved with anything more than the drugs that you can smoke or drop, no needles or odd methods of ingestion for me, I know what drugs can do to people, my friends are already showing signs of it, but I keep away from what I see them doing because I know what things it can cause. I am not a thief, I have no reason to burglarize, and it's not just doing drugs that causes you to get there to a point where you have to steal to "survive?" or make ends.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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