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Al Swearengen missing?

Following a series of posts today the whereabouts of Al Swearengen are currently unknown. Suspiciously, the last post OFFICIALLY attributed to AS has been removed from this forum. Fortunately, this screenshot preserves the last known post by the real AS.

Reports to the Admins have also gone largely unanswered – they are uncharacteristically quiet about the incident but did hesitantly note that the IP address from the most recent Al Swearengen posts now originate from Northern Virginia. What could that mean? . More recent inquiries to the Admins have gone unanswered –their auto-reply says something about being hard to reach for a couple of years.

An observant forum member noted that a cryptanalysis of the moniker “Al Swearengen” reveals it is an anagram for “General Wanes” – a retired high ranking military leader with the inside scoop? You Decide*.

Surveillance camera frame of a location near Al Swearengen’s place of business -judging by the bottles displayed this is a frequent stopover. If you have any additional information or recognize anyone in this photo please post to this forum thread.

*But then again, other valid anagrams are: “Lasagne Renew” or… ahem… “Enlarges Wena”. Here

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