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Originally Posted by Al Swearengen View Post
Yeah, I would've said that this was an overly optimistic sentiment. Also, I have to confess that I've never particularly cared for the Saints, and if pressed for a reason, I could cite at least two, namely:

1. The Saints have almost always sucked, which is to say, they have almost always blown, and by that I mean they've almost always sucked. They've sucked for so long that even though their level of suckage has greatly diminshed, I still instinctively think "LOSERS" whenever someone mentions them or I see their logo.

2.The Saints are based in the city of New Orleans, AKA "The Giant Noxious Toilet Of The South Presided Over By The Grand Bald Turd Known As Mayor Ray "Chocolate" Nagin" Previously Presided Over By The Gaping A$$hole Known As Mayor Marc "Monkey Business" Morial!

Now, the city of New Orleans COULD and SHOULD be cleaned up, which WOULD be good for the citizens of New Orleans as well as for the rest of Louisiana, although I'm not sure this would change the way I personally feel about the place. As for the Saints football team, if they would change their name to somethin a bit more aggressive and move to Deadwood South Dakota, I'm certain they would become my favorite team.
Wow! Tell us how ya really feel Al. The Saints are about as interesting and deserving of one's support as any other team when you get right down to it. Truthfully, I just cant seem to care enough or make myself care enough about sports like this one way or another. I suppose that makes me unusual/odd, but its true. I mean, think about it, you've got two opposing forces which are pointlessly, obsessively consumed with moving an eliptical leather bag up and down 100 yards of turf, risking serious injury or worse. So ok, they're getting paid to do it, but I'm not getting paid to watch it, know what I'm saying? I mean, can we possibly make this activity more mindnumbing?
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