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Originally Posted by Pocahontas
I think that's a great deterrent!!! Surely the embarrassment and humiliation would serve well and ward off repeat offenders at some level.

That's because you're thinking about this as a rational person.

As someone who works for public housing, supervises an inmate labor crew, and after 6 weeks of retirement, my Dad couldn't stand it and became a door greeter.........I can tell you for a fact, these people don't give a **** about what anyone thinks of them. All they care about is stealing something to trade/hock for drugs or "return" to Wal-Mart for cash.

Now that's not to say it won't stop the "good" kid from picking up a bad stealing make-up or tapes, but the Natchitoches Wal-Mart "lost" over $1 million in merchandise in 2006. That's not first timers, that's habitual offenders.
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