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TB, everyone here understand what you are saying. Depression is a harmful disease, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and for most of US, that line is on the other side of harming others in any shape or form and WAAAAY on the other side of hanging children. No argument's right?

When this woman decided to hang her children, the priority became removing her from society, not treating her condition.....which is what you appear to continue to emphasizing because you are an indirect victim of depression. We relate to the children, you're relating to the murderer because of events that have taken place in your life.

Just like in the Scott Peterson trial, I related to the guy being accused of murder without any hard evidence proving his guilt....and I STILL feel that way. There was no DNA evidence, no murder weapon, no bullet with ballistics testing matching it to a gun, the guy had already gotten away with 1 affair before, so there wasn't even a motive......and all of that probably sounds just as crazy to you as your story does to the rest of us...because most of you relate to the victim, not the perp....."What if that had been me and my baby".....right?

Events in my life have made me sympathetic to those who's guilt is acknowledged based on circumstantial evidence alone, regardless of the crime, just like yours have made you sympathetic to people suffering from depression regardless of how heinous their crimes may be......

I'm trying understanding today, but TB, at some point YOU have to realize everyone here is telling you basically the same thing, because we all know this approach is out of character for me and won't last very long.

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