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Originally Posted by Isabella
I installed IE 7 and I hate it. Anyone have this? I do not like the appearance. My mail icon is not seen on front page. I like IE 6 much better. What is the advantage to upgrading? Any disadvantages? How can I return to IE 6?
IE7 is just new looking (stolen from decent browsers) and a bit upgraded in security and function. Going back to IE6 would be like downgrading to Win98 :\

Maybe try Mozilla Firefox or Opera, they're sortof like IE7 (because they came first, and MS stole from them) but 500x better in functionality, speed, security, and filtering for ease.

And as for downgrading, if you really really want to:

Follow that process on the site, it may seem a bit unnecessary, but that's what Microsoft does, they upgrade and hide anything below it (like previous OS) and don't give any support to their customers.
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