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Preferred media player application?

What program(s) do you guys use to listen/watch/etc media content on your computer?

I prefer Windows Media Player because I can browse through the songs I want to listen to, play folders of artists, etc, and know what I'm about to listen to. I have a lot of music so I like to keep it extra organized, plus the fact that my keyboard has media hotkeys that seem to work best with WMP.

iTunes is okay.. but the shuffle is too... "non-random".. I don't know.. I can't see what kind of reason there would be for selecting certain artists, but sometimes it will just continue to play over and over different songs from the same artist, and it's supposed to be shuffling! I've seen it literally go through maybe 50 songs by the same artist before switching to another (because there were none left to "shuffle through).

Anyway, what do you guys use and why?
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