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Originally Posted by Texasbelle
Oh I don't know how I missed this thread but we've had some teenage drama in the house for a couple of days so I guess that is how. But let me jump in the deep end of the pool here!

I believe I can speak from both ends you keep referring to Pie. I have been the low wage earner and now can speak as the business owner. The minimum wage increase is not going to be all that you think it is. It is going to hurt business owners which will in fact trickle down and hurt the worker. Business owners can not continue to keep having to fork out large wages, insurance, taxes, etc. It is becoming more impossible for some of these people to stay in business. I understand (but don't agree with) why so many do hire illegal aliens. We've had many construction workers and the such at our house over the last couple of years. The Mexican will get out here and work an American boy under the table and then some for $5.00 an hour. But that white boy expects $10.00 an hour and won't hardly work. Where is the fairness in that? Who wants to pay for that? Not me.

My husband came from absolutely nothing. Grew up in a house with holes in the floor. He worked minimum wage jobs and put himself through college and medical school. He never ever whined about that minimum wage and how he was OWED more. He MADE it happen for himself. Anybody and everybody has the same opportunities that he did and can do the same thing he did. He put himself through school with the minimum wage, took care of a family while doing it, had student loans, grants, etc. so it is all possible. It is a matter of what is important to you. I too at one point was a single parent making little money but I worked hard. I proved myself to my employers and got raises one right after the other. Before I knew it I was making more than ever. It certainly wasn't six figures but it was good money. It was about working hard and proving myself. I never stopped and whined about that minimum wage. I just kept working hard which is how I got ahead. Everybody can do this. You just have to try.
I for one understand hard work, I have done it, many times. But the point I have been trying to make is not every employer gives raises, especially in a small town like the one I come from. There was only one major business and that was the paper mill. When a person got a job there they keep it. It is not has black and white in a small town as it is in a big city. The man that had the restaurant could have paid more but didn't want to not even to his kitchen help. Nobody is as you say whining that they are owed more, but what happens when a low wage earner can't keep up with the economy on the rise. I still say it is the government and large companies like your oil, gas and utilities that drive the cost of living up not a low wage earner. When an employer has to pay a wage increase then like you say people lose jobs and who is at fault. The low wager earner uh because they don't go to school. But someone still has to do these low wage jobs. And it will always be the low wage earner that gets shafted. They get the blame for everything, it's like damn if do and damn if you don't. One person can go to school and move on but there will be someone coming in behind them in the same job. Just like your waiter or waitress that work for $2.13 a hour that will not get the raise because of tips that are actually gifts for being a good and polite server. Before they had to claim at the end of the night enough to make their pay equal to what minimum wage was, now they have to claim more whether they make it or not because if they don't claim enough then the company has to pay the difference and they are not going to do that. A persons tips should not be counted, if they made $5.35 a hour and kept their tips there would be no problem.
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