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Originally Posted by Santabot
Time to refute miscommunication and misunderstandings given to you by mass media and selective casing.

Nobody claimed to "worship" drugs, I even stated clearly that I did NOT want that to be the overall consensus that "Santabot is a drugged out loser that doesn't know what he's speaking about". I also never said I "needed" drugs to feel "normal". Drugs also do not make you go out of control, a far far far popular misunderstanding, mostly by those who don't know more than what they see in the movies and from rogue family/friends who abuse drugs incorrectly and irresponsibly.

"Nothing good comes from drug use. I am not talking about the kind from a physician..." This is where you're wrong. In many states even, there ARE physicians legally able to serve marijuana and opiates (very, extremely common) and other synthetic and organic chemicals that are scheduled under the DEA's list of illegal substances. Their legality does NOT affect their content or their effects, and it was actually ILLEGAL to NOT have hemp plants on your land until the turn of the 20th century. Please, please educate yourself on drugs and their history even in America before discrediting their ability to heal and make true changes.

I agree, I don't do much alcohol either, it's probably on my list of least favorite drugs to do, that and tobacco. But if you're aware of toxicity levels and the lethality of substances like those that are legal, compare them to Marijuana, LSD, even MDMA (ecstasy) and you will come to find out they are MUCH, MUCH, MUCH safer than anything you can buy in a store (alcohol is ****ing cheaper than water, can you imagine this country?).

It's nice and all your home is drug-free. That's your decision, and as you make yours, I'll make mine. It's people that are afraid of drugs and their legality that end up believing these interest groups and their propaganda about drugs via mass media to persons like you who do not know first-hand, and I mean TRUE first-hand, I don't care what your friend or your family member or someone you saw on TV ended up doing, that's not a real account and shouldn't even be mentioned as even having knowledge of a drug's ability to do anything. Like many things, there's a right to privacy, and invading that privacy usually doesn't allow you to get the whole facts about a situation, that person could have various reasons involving their complications with drugs, but that doesn't mean the drug forced them to enact on it, they could have had mental issues related, etc.

Just, please, say what you want about drugs, but you won't convince somebody who knows far far much more than you ever will about them from clinical knowledge and first-hand experience. I never claimed to know all there is, but I do an extensive amount of research and act as responsibly as I possibly can before taking any substance that could alter my state of consciousness, whether or not you or anyone else agrees with how I act. I did not harm you or anyone else in the act, so I do not see why you would try to impede my right to enact on myself how I wish, educated on the matter.
Boy are you STUPID! Your post above proves it! You are only 17! I am much older and wiser than you little boy. Drug use hurts the user, family, and friends! I know this! I am not going to waste any more time with you. Fine go make yourself happy. In the end it will make you extremely unhappy and you may find out first hand if there reallly is a GOD when you die from drug use. Your parents need a good spanking for not having more control over their child.
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