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Originally Posted by windshop
I say thank god for the ACLU! It sometimes seems like they are all that stand between me and the republicans with their liberty destroying "Acts of Patriotism".
So you support this:
1.) The ACLU actively supports affirmative action. School admissions programs that consider race along with other factors are often necessary to achieve the vast educational benefits that flow from a racially diverse student body and to remedy past discrimination.

2.)The ACLU filed suit against the State of Alaska after it passed a law earlier this year that would have re-criminalized adult use and possession of small amounts of marijuana within the home.

3.)The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland applauded today’s decision by the Maryland Court of Appeals unanimously ruling that the reckless endangerment statute does not apply to women who take drugs while pregnant.

4.)Requiring patrol officers to use a bi-lingual written consent form whenever a search is requested during a traffic stop. Is it me or shouldn't everyone in America be forced to speak English at least a little bit?

These are just a few I found in a hurry and notice these are from the ACLU website.

I will also mention that it is sickening to know the ACLU represented a part time father that did not want his daughter to hear a prayer in school because he didn't believe in God.

I will also mention that it is sickening that they sued to change the Pledge of Allegiance in order not to offend people of differing beliefs.

I will also mention that it is sickening that they strong armed the retail industry into saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

Is this what you support. I'm not saying support the republican party, but for heaven's sakes why would you support the ACLU?
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