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Originally Posted by Al Swearengen
As to the topic of this thread, the United States must stop trying to make democracies out of these countries that are ruled by brutal regimes, communists, whatever. Reform should come from WITHIN these countries. If reform has not occured, its because the people in that nation have not reached the stage where they're ready for it. I've always been astounded at the ability of just one man or a small group of people to enslave and terrorize their own countrymen. Such things can never happen without the blessing of that nation's military, and any military's real power stems from the enlisted and junior officer ranks, which are composed of the average citizens. When the people have had enough, a coup takes place, sometimes with great loss of life, sometimes without a shot fired. And THAT is what will eventually happen in these countries. They have to want it for themselves, badly enough to risk bloodshed, badly enough to make that investment of blood equity. OUR fathers, the fathers of this great nation, understood this. Nobody ever respects anything thats been GIVEN to them, anything that they have not EARNED with their own "blood sweat and tears". We simply can no longer police the globe. Its just not worth the life of even one more of our precious sons or daughters.
Couldn't agree more there AL. I don't think it matters one bit how long we stay there in Iraq. Once we leave, they'll settle it the way they settle everything over there.. just like you say.

I'm still tryin' to figure out what we're doing over there. I've heard of some of the arguments as to "why". But I just don't see anything good coming out of it.. EVER. Sure I hope I'm wrong. But I just don't see it that way.
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