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Originally Posted by piemaker720
I have been reading your post and am not impressed. One how could you register to vote if you are only 17. Two, you talk about Christians being slain in the streets,{not in this country}. Three, until you grow up join the military and defend America then you don't care what other countries do here. Just think you can't drink, smoke or even gamble, but you got the gift of gab.
You can register to vote at 17, moron. It's for the upcoming 2008 election, and I will be 18 long before that occurs. TheNarrator can vouch my doing so.

Where did I say Christians were slain in America?

I have to join the military to care for my safety and well-being? Where are you getting this from?

At 17 you can smoke, just can't buy anything. I can/do all of those things and more, does it mean I "can't" do it if I already do? Have you ever gone over the speed limit? YOU CAN'T!

Anti-American fascist. You break the law, too!

Cut the bs man, everybody breaks the law intentionally because white lies are null in Christianity and with the government; unless they want to prosecute you for something else and they just pull out all the small guns they can.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice freedoms for security desire neither." -Benjamin Franklin
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