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Originally Posted by Al Swearengen
THATS RIGHT, spinnin the goddamned data! What, ya thought nobody would notice? Who the hell do ya think you're foolin? Ya didnt tell the whole story, did ya? Hell no, because that would have the opposite effect on what you're trying to achieve here, namely an alarmist knee-jerk reaction aimed at blamin guns for that "slight increase". None of the data ya cited even ATTEMPTS to lay the blame where ya obviously want it laid. And where the hell do ya think the NRA got IT'S data?...which, by the way, I CHALLENGE you to disprove! Believe me, ya cant. In short, ya tried to spin the stats on the sly, then when ya got caught, ya tried to deny it, and nobody's buyin it! Unfortunately for you, your bullschit Bradyesque tactics only work on the gullible and the stupid, neither of which you'll find here on this forum, save for one or two exceptions. You're as bad as Rosie, or Soros or Bloomberg...keep pullin stunts like this and maybe they'll give ya a commendation! Maybe Bloomberg'll make ya one of his toadies! Nah, thats not ambitious enough for ya...lets dream bigger, you aspire to MUCH more, dontcha? Hell, maybe Rosie'll let ya shave the hair on her back or pop the zits on her fat (__)(__)...would ya like that? I think ya would! Well you'll have to do better than this, though I get the feelin this is your best. Either paint the whole phukin picture the way it really is or move to California or New York..or better yet, Australia or Britian. Ive got no patience for people like you.

What I did was cut and paste a direct quote word for word from the Department of Justice AND provided graphical data to support those quotes while you have done nothing more than post the propaganda of a special interest group, namely the NRA.

and personally, I don't give a **** what some gun toting zealot thinks about that. We have gun laws BECAUSE of people like you, not in spite of them.
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