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An address to SBLive! members who are familiar with me.

Sorry for taking up thread space, but I decided that since so many users recently have become constantly aggressive against my presence, I'd make an open statement to reflect on my time at this forum and what my overall message is, a little bit about me, to clarify a few things some of you may not know, or maybe want to know. If you don't care, again, I'm sorry for taking up the space to explain.

My name is John. I'm a 17 year old student at an honored local high school, currently attending a full-range of college-level courses, and dual-enrolled in the BPCC/LSUS college programs, all the while being a junior in high school. I live in Shreveport, LA, and have all of my life. Enough of a biography I believe.

My recent stay has provided me with enough evidence to make these few general statements:

There is a close-knit bonding family of certain users on this board, and they will all back up claims made by one another, constantly rep-bombing and applauding statements made by friends. I am okay with this, it's natural in a forum with people who frequent it this often, I've been there, plenty of times. I may seem like an outcast now, maybe a terrible antichrist to some of ye, but I do not intend to make this impression solely for the apparently aggressive and radical statements I make on this board. I would like my words to be taken not only at face-value, but to be actually absorbed and considered among a number of styles of interpretation. I do not inherently disagree with everyone's statements here, regardless of what the consensus has become to show.

There are also many Christians here. It is understandable, this is, of course, the Deep South and family, friends, and business reflect that, and are a high influence on life in this area; I know, I was once a born-again believer and extremely active in all activities at my church and others for my entire life. Believe it or not, I still attend a Baptist church (the same one I've regularly attended since birth) locally every week, almost. I still participate in many community sponsored events that are based on religious takes on particular events, and I am okay with that. What I am not okay with is people going against their own religions and its teachings to supply me with a "taste of my own medicine" and try to kick me in the ass where I stand. I am aware that the Christian faith is one that is overall (and methodically) one of intolerance, deep hatred, and has many criminal outlooks; however, the prophetic opinions expressed in the book can also be used often to suggest very holy and compassionate views, this is okay, but not necessarily correct because it makes you feel good.

I, just like yourself, and everyone else in this country, do have my right to religious belief (or lack thereof) and I respect yours and would like mine to be respected as well. Personally, I highly doubt that anyone at this forum will ever sway my views drastically enough to change my religious stance entirely, but possibly my outlook on certain groups, and so far, it's only made a negative impression on me. I, recently, have become more of a liberal (in some areas), humanistic, and altruistic person. My beliefs have substantially changed even in the past few months, but mainly in the past year. This does not mean to discredit my information or views just because of the possible lack of length of my current stance. I aim to educate myself thoroughly before ever making any life decisions, and view myself as a (mostly) responsible, educated, clear-minded, reasonable young adult.

I have learned here also that there is an aggressive policy against those who stand out, this is not what a forum is about. As Brain has stated previously, forums would not exist in ancient Rome or even today if people in them all agreed on every topic. Just because most of the posts I make disagree with some people does not mean that I disagree with everything here. I am highly selective in the posts that I reply to, but I do view a large number of posts without replying to them because I either agree with them or am not knowledgeable about the topic enough to make a statement that would not make me look like a complete illiterate ass.

In conclusion, I am not here to be an enemy and much less a victim. I come here with my own personal beliefs and imagined that I would become a rare gem to this community that would highlight the counter-cultural views represented for our local area. I hope to both pass on and gain knowledge by communicating with all of you if possible, and wish the best of luck to all of you in your endeavors (my way of saying, I'll pray for you, which I don't). So please, just heed my words and step back a few steps and try to see the picture for what it is, and try to enhance your life and mine by doing so, I enjoy discussing these type of topics with persons of like-mindedness and those who oppose me, but I do at least listen and try to add those views to my own.

Thank you for reading, I hope my stay here will become a bit more pleasant and rewarding for myself and the rest of you. Thanks again, despite any way that I've been treated thus far.

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Hang in there Santabot, yea, we're a crazy bunch here, there is no doubt.
From your short bio here, sounds like you are headed in a good direction.
Generally speaking, the religious topics are very hot topics around here... good or bad. People tend to get a bit riled about that.

And you are correct, this forum wouldn't be much fun if EVERYONE agreed about EVERYTHING.

In closing, I'll just say, DON'T DO DRUGS.

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