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Reed Dickens with Tom Pace on Talk of the Town 4-5-08

Reed Dickens with Tom Pace on Talk of the Town 4-5-08

Posted by: Tom Pace - April 07, 2008

Tom Pace interviewed live, by phone, Reed Dickens on Pace's radio talk show "The Talk of the Town" Saturday, April 5th, 2008 on SuperTalk 1340, KRMD, Shreveport, Louisiana. (streaming live on the web:
www.supertalk1340.com,  Dickens commented on the Presidential Race for Campaign 2008. 

Reed Dickens, LSU-S graduate, and former Assistant White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush in his first term, was one of the guest commentators on Larry King Live.

Dickens appeared last Friday, March 28th from King's Los Angeles CNN studio.  The subject was presidential politics - whether Hillary Clinton should stay or go... and is the Democrats' Obama-Clinton dilemma, helping John McCain's campaign. 

Click here to watch the final Larry King Live segment that also includes former President Reagan's son Ron, who is also a national political commentator.

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