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Jackie Collins, Author

Jackie Collins, Author

Posted by: Tom Pace - July 13, 2008

World-famous author and television personality Jackie Collins came to Harrah's Louisiana Downs as part of her "MARRIED LOVERS" book-signing bus tour Sunday, July 13th, 2008. 

Radio talk show host, publisher and editor of "The Talk of the Town" 
(www.ShreveTalk.com) Tom Pace had an opportunity to interview Ms. Collins aboard her Harrah's "MARRIED LOVERS" Tour Bus. 

In his exclusive interview, Pace talks with Ms.Collins about her early life as a teenager, how she started writing books, who she credits as an author she read early on...and, the rest of the story about her older sister, actress Joan Collins.  Listen to his interview, and learn how Jackie Collins was the inspiration for Joan's character in the "Dynasty" t.v. series. 

Oh, and be sure to listen for the final part of Tom's interview, as Jackie reveals her NEXT BOOK's title...and the three-major characters. 

By the way: July 13th was indeed a very lucky day for all those Jackie C. fans who waited patiently in line to get a personally authographed book by Ms. Collins at the Inside Rail at Louisiana Downs.

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"Jackie Collins, Author"
Broadcast date: July 13, 2008
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