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Gov. Bobby Jindal Press Conference at BPCC 3-25-08

Gov. Bobby Jindal Press Conference at BPCC 3-25-08

Posted by: Tom Pace - March 28, 2008
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke at Bossier Parish Community College March 25, 2008.

BPCC Chancellor Tom Carleton introduced Gov. Jindal, interrupting a live television broadcast from the Campus TV station. 

Jindal addressed the media, along with a group of local business leaders, goverment officials, and members of the NW Louisiana delegation to Baton Rouge.

The topic of Jindal's Press Conference: His Comprehensive Workforce Redesign Package to be introduced during the Regular Session of the Legislature, beginning Monday, March 31st.

Jindal Says Reforming the present Workforce System is Key to a New Louisiana. 

Tom Pace from the Talk of the Town was present, and here is Jindal's speech in its entirity.

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"Gov. Bobby Jindal Press Conference at BPCC 3-25-08"
Broadcast date: March 28, 2008
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