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Carl Pierson with Tom Pace on YWCA Staying Open 2-1-08

Carl Pierson with Tom Pace on YWCA Staying Open 2-1-08

Posted by: Tom Pace - February 01, 2008
February 1st, 2008: Caddo Commissioner Carl Pierson spoke One-on-One with Tom Pace, from "The Talk of the Town" on www.shrevetalk.com,. Pierson relayed that  message from SPAR,  that Shreveport Mayor Glover has agreed to keep the Allendale YWCA programs going, while fruitful talks continue with the YWCA Board of Directors regarding the sale of the facility to the City of Shreveport. 

Pierson recieved that word about the City keeping the Allendale Y's doors open. from the Director of SPAR, shortly before a community forum concluded Friday morning Feb. 1st, at the Allendale YWCA on Pierre Avenue.  Some 75 people attended to get the facts and details on what the status of the Allendale YWCA will be regarding the on-going SPAR programs. 

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"Carl Pierson with Tom Pace on YWCA Staying Open 2-1-08"
Broadcast date: February 01, 2008
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