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Rep. Jane Smith, in B.R., Joins Tom Pace on

Rep. Jane Smith, in B.R., Joins Tom Pace on

Posted by: Tom Pace - June 25, 2008
La. State Rep. Jane Smith joined Tom Pace, live by-phone, on his "Talk of the Town" radio broadcast, Saturday, June 21st, on SuperTalk 1340, KRMD-AM, in shreveport, Louisiana.  

Rep. Smith called Pace from the floor of the La. State House of Representatives, while she was voting on legislation in the final days of the regular session in Baton Rouge.

This is the 11a-12N hour broadcast, that included a salute to the first day of the Summer of 2008, and other breaking news.      

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"Rep. Jane Smith, in B.R., Joins Tom Pace on"
Broadcast date: June 25, 2008
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