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Caddo District Judge "Woody" Nesbitt Resigns effective April 1st, 2008
Saturday, Jan 26, 2008 10:18am
(SHREVEPORT, LA)  Caddo Dsitrict Judge Woodrow "Woody" Nesbitt,  is stepping down from the bench, effective April 1st, 2008.  According to The Times newspaper, Nesbitt claims his reasons for resigning as his intention to practice law again, and the fact he has moved out of the jusicial subdistrict that elected him.

Further complicating Nesbitt's decision, has been an on-oning six year personal property litigation, as well as media coverage of his life.  

Nesbitt notified the secretary of state's office of his intention to resign several days ago, he said Friday. That office then tells the state Supreme Court. The secretary has not given the word, said Supreme Court spokeswoman Valerie Willard. "Once this court is notified of a vacancy, we'll go about the business of filling it."

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