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Bush to Congress: Pass Tax Relief ASAP; Cut Earmarks in Half; 20,000 Troops Coming Home
Monday, Jan 28, 2008 8:00pm
WASHINGTON, D.C. By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor,"Talk of the Town" 1-28-08    President Bush gave a commanding speech in his final State of the Union Address, Monday night, January 28th. Bush's speech lasted nearly an hour, 52 minutes, to be exact, which began at 8:10 pm (cst).

Beginning his speech, the President acknowledged "...economic uncertainty," coupled with the fact that  "...the housing market has declined."  Bush said there was still some "...unfinished business," as he spoke firmly to the gathered members of Congress, to "...pass the robust economic relief package, as soon as possible."

Bush also addressed the issue of Congressional earmarks, which fund many pet projects of lawmakers in their home districts. The President demanded that Congress cut any earmarks in half, or he promised he would veto those bills.

From The Times newspaper in Shreveport, here is the text of President Bush's State of the Union Address.

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