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BREAKING 2:30P 4-15-08 Cheryl Jeter Becomes Shreveport's 1st Female Assistant Chief of Police
Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008 12:22pm

SHREVEPORT, LA  (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town)  BREAKING:  2:30pm 4-15-08  Shreveport Police Captain Cheryl Jeter was promoted to Assistant Chief of Police this afternoon, becoming the first female assistant Chief of Police for Shreveport.  [Click here to listen to Cheryl Jeter's interview with Tom Pace & the media.] 

It was an emotion-filled promotions ceremony in the Shreveport Police Department's Assembly Room, as SPD Chief Henry Whitehorn made Jeter's move to Assistant Chief official.  

Other promotions made by Chief Whitehorn, included: Lt James K. Baker, promoted to Captain;  Sgt. John V. Webb promoted to Lieutenant;  and, Cpl. IV Suzanne Gallier promoted to Sergeant.  

It was a bittersweet day for Whitehorn, as he also announced that 30 year veteran SPD Assistant Chief Glenn Schach was retiring on Thursday, April 17th. 

Schach thanked all of his fellow officers, and praised them for their hard work.  He thanked his many friends who were also in attendance. [Click here to listen to Shach's one-on-one interview with Tom Pace from "The Talk of the Town" about the memories of his career]  

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