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BREAKING: 3:30pm 4-16-08 Fireworks in Philly? Obama-Clinton Debate Tonight: ABC 7p-9p cdt
Wednesday, Apr 16, 2008 1:29pm

ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE  Philadelphia, Penn.  From ABC News  
(By: Tom Pace, The Talk of the Town)  BREAKING POLITICS:  3:30pm 4-16-08   Will there be brotherly love between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tonight when they square-off in another prime time debate...or, will the gloves come off?  Tonight's debate, by ABC News (7p-9p cdt), will be moderated by Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos.  

To be held in Philadelphia's National Constitution Center, this will be
the first Democratic debate since Obama and Clinton faced off in Cleveland on Feb. 26th, 2008.   Talk of Hillary Clinton throwing in the towel for her run for the presidency, is mere conjecture at this point.

Although, according to most pundits, Ms. Clinton is in a "must-win" mode for the April 22nd Pennsylvania Primary.  If she stumbles here, there may not be another chance.


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