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BREAKING 12:15pm 4-21-08 Penn Primary Looms Large for Dems: "Must-Win Big" for Clinton
Monday, Apr 21, 2008 10:01am

(By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town)  BREAKING POLITICS:  12:15pm  4-21-08   The "Keystone State" may hold the key that unlocks the door for the Democratic Presidential nominee.  Both senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have jabbed at each other using negative attack ads and mail-outs, targeting Pennsylvania voters for Tuesday's primary election, according to CNN

With 158 delegates at stake, the April 22nd primary looms large especially for Hillary Clinton, who is in a "must-win" situation now, according to most political anaylsts. 

Both candidates have been launching waves of robocalls, tough mailers and matching attack ads, spending an estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars a day. Obama has outspent his rival in Pennsylvania, thanks in part to his hefty fundraising.

He raised $41 million in March, compared with Clinton's $20 million, according to the latest campaign finance report.

In March, Obama spent about $31 million on his presidential campaign, compared with Clinton's $22 million.

Tuesday's contest brings an end to a six-week primary hiatus. With those 158 delegates at stake, the Pennsylvania primary is the largest remaining Democratic contest.

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