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BREAKING 1:15pm 4-21-08 Sen. Landrieu: "Superdelegates Should Reflect State's Dem. Primary"
Monday, Apr 21, 2008 11:04am

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER, LA  (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town)  BREAKING POLITICS  1:15pm  4-21-08  Louisiana's senior Senator Mary Landrieu says she believes "...Louisiana's superdelegates should reflect the state's outcome in its Democratic Presidential Primary election, which was 60-40 for Obama." 

Landrieu made her comments in a live radio interview Saturday with talk show host Tom Pace, on the "The Talk of the Town", broadcast April 19th, on Supertalk 1340, KRMD-AM.  

During the exclusive "One-on-One" interview with Pace, Landrieu again noted, as a state superdelegate, she still remains uncommitted as to her choice of Clinton or Obama. 

On the subject of Louisiana's nine Democratic superdelegates, Landrieu believes they should be committed proportionally to the state's primary election vote, which was 60% Obama, 40% Clinton.

[That would be 6 for Obama, 3 for Clinton - if the state's superedelegates follow her suggestion.  Landrieu continues to be uncommitted, waiting instead to see who presents the best substantive presidential platform.]

Lou Burnett, a former Congressional aide on Capitol Hill, who is now a political columnist for Forum Newsweekly,  and publisher of Fax-Net Update,  joined Pace in the studio during his interview with Landrieu. 

Burnett asked the Senator asked if there was a danger in the Democrats defecting to the Republican nominee because of the contentious negative campaign waged by Clinton & Obama.  

Answering the question, she told Burnett, "Yes, that's certainly possible, and a definite concern for the Democratic party...however, I'm hopeful after the campaign is over, both groups would come together, and support whomever the Democratic nominee is."  

When asked about her lead over rival John Kennedy in her re-election bid this year, Landrieu told Burnett, she was pleased with the recent poll that showed her leading State Treasurer Kennedy 50%-38%.

Landrieu was particulary grateful to note that her favorable rating was up to 70% in the Southern Media Opinion and Reasearch poll. 

The Southern Media Poll was conducted among 600 likely Louisiana voters between March 26th and April 9th.

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