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ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE 9:30pm 5-13-08 Clinton Scores Overwhelming Victory in W. Virginia
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 7:39pm

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA From CNN (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: POLITICS 9:30pm  5-13-08  Tuesday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for Hillary Clinton, as she scored an "overwhelming" victory in the West Virginia Democratic Primary election, May 13th, 2008.  

CNN reports that Clinton says she will not stop her campaign for the Democratic nominee for President. "I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign," she told supporters in Charleston, West Virginia.

"I am in this race because I believe I am the strongest candidate. ... I can lead this party to victory in the general election if you lead me to victory now." 

With half of the results in, Clinton was ahead of Sen. Barack Obama by a margin of more than 2-1.

Clinton has faced calls to drop out of the race because she trails Obama in delegates won, states won and the popular vote this primary season.

Clinton also now trails Obama when it comes to the support of superdelegates, and her campaign is $20 million in the red. 

As late as Monday, Obama had all but conceded the West Virginiua election to Clinton, all the while gaining a lead in both superdelegates and state delegates.


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