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YWCA Board of Directors Invites Mayor Glover to Thursday Meeting 1-31-08: Deal, or, No Deal?
Thursday, Jan 31, 2008 8:14pm

(By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, Talk of the Town) 1-31-08   Just what would happen when Mayor Cedric Glover met with the YWCA Board of Directors was anybody’s guess.  It happened Thursday night, at about 5:30, January 31st, 2008 in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Mayor was invited to address the Board of the Y, about the issue of the City buying the Allendale YWCA.


It was hoped this meeting would result in a resolution to the ongoing debate played out in the media about funding for the Y. The sale of the Allendale facility of the YWCA to the City of Shreveport was the latest option presented.


Both sides had their attorneys present. Mayor Glover was accompanied by City Attorney Terry Scott, while Board President Sheva Sims, had the Y’s attorney, Jerry Jones, on speakerphone.  The YWCA had delivered their proposal on the sale of the Allendale Y (drafted by Jerry Jones) to the Mayor’s office this afternoon… while Mayor Glover brought a copy of the City’s counter-offer to the evening’s board meeting.


Members of the media present (including “The Talk of the Town with Tom Pace”) were invited to attend during the Allendale Y session of the Board’s meeting.  (Only as observers, not participants).


The meeting began with City Attorney Terry Scott reading the City’s counter-offer to the Y’s proposal of the sale of the Allendale facility to the City of Shreveport.  (Jerry Jones was not there in person, and had not seen the City’s proposal, just handed to YWCA board members at tonight’s meeting.)


Everyone agreed that both the interests of the abused women and children…along with citizens of Shreveport, utilizing the Allendale YWCA for SPAR programs were paramount in the issue facing the City and the Board of the Y.


The Board of the YWCA’s primary goal was to raise money, in order to continue their Domestic Violence Shelter for women and children, by selling the Allendale facility, to the City of Shreveport. 


Mayor Glover’s main interest was continuing the SPAR programs at the Allendale Y, and asking the Board to rescind their letter of January 11th, that exercised their option of their 30 day notice of contract termination to the City of Shreveport.


Both sides held their ground.  Then, some give-and-take…Finally, a resolution appeared imminent, and suddenly, in walked Shreveport attorney John Settle who wanted to attend the meeting, insisting he represented the media because of a column he writes. 

Board President Sheva Sims and members of the board voted to adjourn the meeting, because of Settle’s uninvited presence. (Settle currently has a lawsuit against the YWCA Board).


And so, as quickly as it began, it ended just as quickly.  Back to square one, it seems.  Both sides agreed to try and meet again to resolve the contract sale. Deal, or, No Deal?  That is the question.

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