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Breaking: 2/1/08 Allendale Community Forum gets Good News: "Allendale YWCA Stays Open"
Friday, Feb 01, 2008 8:53am

SHREVEPORT, LA  (By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, “Talk of the Town”) 2-1-08   Caddo Commissioner Carl Pierson delivered the good news to a group of concerned citizens from Shreveport, meeting this morning at the Allendale YWCA.

Pierson: “I just got a message from the Mayor’s office, and he has instructed SPAR not to close the doors of the Allendale Y today,” Pierson continued, “The Mayor [Cedric Glover], said that the Y can stay open as long as fruitful talks and negotiations are ongoing between the City and the YWCA Board of Directors on the prospective sale of  the Y's Allendale Branch to the City of Shreveport..Click here to listen to Pierson's One-on-One interview with "The Talk of the Town."

That announcement by Commissioner Pierson, came near the end of an hour-long forum with Shreveport citizens, which had been orchestrated by community activist Beth Foster.  Afterward, everyone stood and applauded.
About 75 people attended the meeting in the Allendale facility, which started around nine o'clock.  Foster said she wanted to conduct the forum, so everyone could voice their concerns and ask questions of current Board members of the YWCA.

Board President of the YWCA, Sheva Sims attended, as well as past President and former Board member Debbie Martin, along with the Y’s newly hired Chief Administrative Officer, Everett Harris (who is working for free as CAO).

Harris was succinct, when he said that he, and everyone at the YWCA wanted both facilities (the Domestic Violence Center at 710 Travis St., and The Allendale YWCA on Pierre Ave.) to remain open. 

Additionally, Harris said, in their letter to the City, the Board never instructed the City to close the Allendale Y…merely, they were exercising an option to renegotiate a new lease, or, sell the building to the City of Shreveport to continue the programs that SPAR conducts there.

Many residents spoke and asked questions.  They were all answered by the Executive Staff of the Y.  The meeting concluded about 10am, with residents thanking the Board Members of the Y, for clarifying the issues facing them in the sale of the property. 

Maybe, a satisfactory end to this issue will soon to be announced. Today, it appears, everyone came out a winner.

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