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BREAKING 5-27-08 "Angels, The Musical" To Premiere at The Strand: $20M Broadway South Project
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 2:04pm

SHREVEPORT, LA (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town)  BREAKING: BROADWAY NEWS 5-27-08 The $20 million Broadway production, "Angels, The Musical" is winging its way to Shreveveport, Louisiana, all the way from Sydney, Australia. The U.S. premiere of "Angels" will be held at Shreveport's Strand Theatre August 29th, running thru September 13th.  

Click here to listen as "Angels" producer Marcus Cheong talked with Jan Elkins of KTBS-TV & Tom Pace from "The Talk of the Town".  Cheong said Louisiana's newly passed tax incentive for theatre and live performing arts productions was a big carrot in enticing the production team to launch their national tour here.

Angels is an original musical that combines a timeless story with a contemporary new score.  The musical is loosely based on Milton’s Paradise Lost and tells the epic story of the ancient war between the Angels and Lucifer’s fallen minions. 

It is a tale of good versus evil—angels vs. demons—told through the eyes of Sera, the Angel of Light.  Though she is gifted with the power to control light with spectacular effect, she aspires to a more heroic role. Her ambition is manipulated by Lucifer, which results in tragic consequences to the Angels and the humans they protect.  Rich Fowler will direct the musical.

Angels will feature spectacular lighting effects and aerial choreography, unprecedented in Broadway history.  It is the first production to take advantage of LA Act 482, which is being referred to by state and city officials as Louisiana’s new “Broadway South” tax incentive. 

Angels began as an amateur production by two University of Sydney students, Marcus Cheong and Ken Lai.  Cheong, then a 24-year-old architecture graduate, wrote the script and lyrics, and Lai, a budding aeronautical engineer, wrote the music.  They soon abandoned those fields of study to pursue theatrical careers.


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