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Super Bowl Ratings Record- 96 million+ viewers? Super Commercials: Favorites- Baby & Animals
Monday, Feb 04, 2008 10:14am

NEW YORK, NY  From CNN (By: Tom Pace, "Talk of the Town"  2-4-08  Super Bowl XLII may go down in the television history books, as the most-watched Super Bowl ever. 

According to Neilsen Media Research, today, Sunday's Super Bowl, broadcast on Fox, had a 44.7 rating and 66 share, Nielsen said. That's up from the 42.0 rating and 63 share in metered markets last year. Nielsen did not immediately have an estimate of how many people watched the game.(preliminary data could put the viewership at possibly more than 96 million)

As far as Super Commercials, TiVo, Inc., makers of digital video recorders, found that the E-Trade ad showing a baby talking about stock deals and spitting up at the end, was the most-watched commercial during the game.

[Editor's Note] - From my family's perspective, obviously, the talking baby spitting up was an attention-getter.  Likewise, the FedEx Pigeons, larger-than-life, and with night-vision goggles, etc., certainly hit the mark.

Bert, Valarie, Jason, Heidi, Su Zanne and I, all laughed hysterically, over the Bridgestone Tire ad, where the squirrel is about to be road-kill...starts screaming,aong with an group of forest animals, only to have the husband swerve and miss him.

Likewise, the Life Water ad, with the lizards doing the line-dancing, hit our hot-button. Sales-Genie, did not.  The Bud Light ad with the guy breathing fire, lighting the candles in front of his girlfriend, thereby buring the cat... table...and everthig else in the room is a classic.

I'm still awed by the power of the Clydesdales in the Bud-Image, where the little Clydesdale gets a Dalmation-trainer in a Rockey-type comeback...finally making the Elite Budweiser team.  It made us smile.
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