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BREAKING POLITICS 9pm 6-4-08 Hillary Clinton to Back Obama Saturday; What About VP Slot?
Wednesday, Jun 04, 2008 7:19pm

ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE From CNN (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town) BREAKING POLITICS:  9pm  6-4-08   Sen. Hillary Clinton is set to make her formal endorsement of Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee this Saturday, according to CNN. 

The only questions remaining are: "When, and if, will Obama and the Democratic Party name Clinton to the Vice-President slot?"  

The CNN story reports that Sen. Hillary Clinton on Saturday will officially suspend her campaign for the presidency and "express her support for Senator Obama and party unity," her campaign said Wednesday. 

However, this past Tuesday, Sen. Clinton said that she will let her supporters and party leaders decide her course.  

The Clinton campaign said she will make her announcement (suspending the campaign) at "an event in Washington, D.C.," where she will also thank her supporters. 

Obama and Clinton were in Washington this Wednesday to each address the influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The candidates ran into each other at the AIPAC conference and had a brief chat, Obama spokeswoman Linda Douglass said. 

"She's an extraordinary leader of the Democratic Party and has made history alongside me over the last 16 months. I'm very proud to have competed against her," Obama told the Israel lobbying group. 

Obama became his party's presumptive nominee Tuesday and will be looking to unite Democrats divided by the long and contentious primary season. 

"I am very confident how unified the Democratic Party is going to be to win in November," he said in a Senate hallway Wednesday. 

Some say that putting Clinton on the ticket might fit the bill for uniting Democrats. Clinton lavished her opponent with praise Tuesday, saying he ran an "extraordinary race" and made politics more palatable for many. 

Prominent Clinton backer Rep. Charles Rangel, D-New York, thinks the New York senator could have been "far more generous" during her speech Tuesday night after it was clear that Obama had clinched the Democratic nomination. 

Rangel, the senior member of the New York congressional delegation and an early supporter of Clinton's presidential campaign, said Wednesday that Clinton should have been more clear about what her plans are.  

"I would agree that after the math was in before her speech, that she could have been far more generous in terms of being more specific and saying that she wants a Democratic victory," Rangel said on MSNBC.


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