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Breaking: 11:05pm 2-5-08: Super Tuesday: Obama & Clinton Neck-and-Neck; GOP 3-Way Race
Tuesday, Feb 05, 2008 12:20pm
UNITED STATES  From CNN (By: Tom Pace,Talk of the Town)  Update 11:05pm  2-5-08    With California polls closed now, CBS News is projecting Hillary Clinton to win that state for the Democrats...John McCain as the winner for the Republicans.

Turnout across the country was heavy throughout the day. So what's the latest delegate count for the nominees, on the road to the White House?  Click here, for CNN Election Central Updates.

There's a total of 2,704 delegates at stake in 24 states' presidential-related contests.  1,681 delegates up for grabs in for the Democrats; 1,023 delegates for the Republicans. 

Pretty simple for the Democrats: it's neck and neck between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Presidential nominee top spot.  Republicans, however, are singing a different tune.

John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Mike Hickabee are all in the running, with no true "clear-cut winner" emerging. Will Huckabee be the 'spoiler'?    

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