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BREAKING 7-10-08 John Milkovich Challenges Oil Companies: Outlines Plan to Lower Gas Prices
Thursday, Jul 10, 2008 1:34pm

SHREVEPORT, LA (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: ELECTION 2008: 7-10-08  Standing to the side of a gas station in west Shreveport this Thursday morning, Congressional candidate John Milkovich addressed a major issue facing Americans today: the attack on Louisianaʼs working families by special interests, in particular by the oil companies. 

In the press conference,
Milkovich hammered his point home, saying: “In the past two years, oil companies have simultaneously made record profits and pushed through Congress some of the biggest tax breaks in American history and capped producing wells— all while ordinary Americans struggle to keep up with the price at the pump.”  

“Working people struggle to buy the gas they need to get to work and itʼs difficult for them to pay their rapidly rising food and utility bills." he said, adding "A recent survey shows that 90% of Americans are concerned about the adverse economic impact of record fuel prices. High gas prices are hitting consumers hard, devastating truckers and farmers, and harming the economy all across the board.” 

“Multinational corporations and foreign countries, including Saudi Arabia & China, have more clout in Washington, than Louisiana," said Milkovich, “and itʼs time for that insider arrangement to end!”


Milkvoich outlined a series of steps he believes are important to fight the rise in gas prices:

Increased production of oil and gas in America.

* More refineries on American soil.

* Restrictions on sending American oil to Red China.

* Prohibitions against foreign countries buying out American-based oil companies  * Tax Incentives to support the American manufacture of hybrid vehicles which get over 45 miles per gallon and more, to save fuel costs & strengthen Americaʼs

slumping automobile manufacturing industry.

* Full speed ahead on alternative fuels.

* Prevent speculators from artificially inflating gas and oil prices


Milkovich concluded: “We need to stand up to the special interests now— not later. Itʼs time to stand up to the lobbyists in Washington. Itʼs time to stand up for Louisiana!”


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