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BREAKING ENERGY: 7-14-08 Bush Lifts Offshore Drilling Ban: Jindal-Vitter-Landrieu Pleased
Monday, Jul 14, 2008 3:15pm

WASHINGTON, D.C. Fron CNN (By: Tom Pace, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: ENERGY NEWS 5pm 7-14-08  Key members of the Louisiana delegation to Capitol Hill are applauding President Bush's decision to lift the executive order banning offshore oil drilling. 

Citing the high prices Americans are paying at the pump, Bush said from the White House Rose Garden that allowing offshore oil drilling is "one of the most important steps we can take" to reduce that burden, said CNN

Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), and Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) all issued statements in favor of the President's action on listing the offshore drilling ban. 

Jindal is quoted as saying, "This news today is especially encouraging to Louisiana as we continue to work toward being the energy technology capital of the world. We will pursue incentives and tax policies to position our state as a national leader in reducing our country's dependence on foreign sources of oil." 

Republican Sen. David Vitter was also quick to sing the praises of the President: "With this executive order, the president has cleared another hurdle from increasing offshore exploration,” adding, “Congress must answer the calls of the American people and act now to allow more domestic energy production.  and my bill, the ENOUGH Act, would do just that.” 

itter’s Energy Needed Offshore Under Gas Hikes, or ENOUGH, Act would allow for increased energy exploration off a state’s own coast.  It allows a governor, with the concurrence of the state legislature, to petition for increased energy exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf. 

“This bill creates considerable benefits for states that choose this course of action,” Vitter said.  “It will increase our national energy supply, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help finance important state conservation efforts, like coastal preservation for Louisiana.  We need to take bold action on behalf of the millions of American families who are struggling to meet the growing cost of gas and energy, and this bill does just that.”

Meanwhile, the senior Senator from Louisiana, Mary Landrieu said, “I support President Bush’s decision to lift the executive ban on offshore oil and gas exploration off the coasts of the United States. I only wish he would have taken this important step earlier, which would have helped to negate these high prices, and had not waited until the waning days of his presidency." 

Landrieu added,
“Congress should respond by strategically lifting the congressional moratoria, and providing the option to states to expand drilling off their shores. Since I led the last and only bipartisan effort to lift moratoria in the past 25 years, I stand ready to work with my Senate and House colleagues to build on this success." 

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