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BREAKING: 7-19-08 DNC Chairman Howard Dean Brings Voter Registration Bus Tour To Shreveport
Saturday, Jul 19, 2008 3:53pm
SHREVEPORT, LA (By: Tom Pace, Executive Editor, Talk of the Town) BREAKING: PRESIDENTIAL POLITICS 6:15pm 7-19-08 The Democrats' big blue bus rolled into the Galilee Baptist Church Parking Lot in Shreveport, Louisiana, Saturday morning, July 19th.

A crowd of about 100 cheered as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean stepped off the bus and spoke to the Obama supporters. Click here to listen as Tom Pace talks "1-on-1" with Dean

The mobile cross-country tour is all part of a national grassroots voter registration effort.
 Dean's message was simple: John McCain represents the past, while Brack Obama is the future of America.  

After leaving Shreveport, the Democrats' mobile voter registration drive stopped in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

The cross country bus tour titled, "Register for Change," wants to build on the overwhelming enthusiasm and voter turnout seen during the primaries as Democrats mobilize and organize voters for the fall election.

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